Animated Gradient Call to action button Html CSS

call to action button

Hello everyone, in this post we will learn how to build a call to action button HTML CSS. Html and CSS are used for a lot of purposes but now in this scenario, we are developing a call to action button. In the last post, we discussed how to create a Hover effect in CSS buttons Lets, ‘s discuss how to develop a call to action button in pure Html and CSS.

Call to action button HTML CSS:

Call to action button Html CSS
Call to action button Html CSS

As you can see in the image we have created a call to action button in HTML and CSS. Html and CSS are treated as front-end languages and we use these languages for creating different components of a website. A button is also a component of a website and it can be created using these languages.

Call to action button Html CSS

A button is used to add functionality to it. It is used for creating some action. When users click on the button and an event occurs because the button is used for events. Then we design the buttons according to the website design. In this scenario, we have designed the button.

This is an animated gradient button and it was developed in pure HTML and CSS.

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The skeleton of the button is created in HTML with the help of the <button> tag. We cant implement HTML only on our web pages. We also need CSS properties for adding the design to our web pages.


Without applying CSS we cant design our web pages. Without proper design, people are not gonna visit the website. As you can see in the button that it has round corners and they are created with the help of the radius property of CSS. Then the color is constantly changing and it is also changing because we have added another property. The linear gradient property helps us to add different colors to it. Then it changes the colors with the passage of time due to animation.

These colors are gradients and they are also animated because they change in the form of a loop. If you want to learn how to develop this kind of button then you are in right place. Follow this tutorial for creating this kind of animated gradient button.

How to create a call to action button HTML CSS?

For the development of the call to action button in HTML and CSS, we will create some steps. In these particular steps, we will develop this kind of button.

Download sublime text editor:

A sublime is a text editor and it will help us to write the code in it.  A code editor is used for a lot of purposes and it has several advantages. That’s why we are using a code editor for writing the code.

Html source code:

As we have discussed earlier that we have created the skeleton of the button in HTML without design. Its code is present below for usage.

CSS source code:

CSS code is provided below. It will you to add the gradient functionality and design to the button.

The HTML file will be saved with a .html extension and the CSS file will be saved with a .css extension.

Download source code:

If you are facing errors in the above code then we have also provided a code file. In this file, all the files linked with this button are there. Just download the file and your button will be there in front of you.

Task and Summary:

These buttons have gradient color which is added using CSS properties. The color is changing in the hover effect from one gradient to another. Also hover effect is there along with the gradient color.

Now your task is to change the color from gradient to Hexa color (solid color). Also, remove the radius from the buttons and make the buttons straight without rotation.

Thanks for reading this article.

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