What is javascript, its uses, advantages and disadvantages



Javascript is a dynamic programming language used for making web pages dynamic and also used for a lot of works like gaming, web development, app development, etc. Js can update and change both Html and CSS .  Open and cross-platform.


This is a simple program that has Html and javascript both. It is used to modify the Html content. We have added the functionality in the button by using it. Without it, we can’t add on_click functionality to our buttons. We also cant add more functionality to our projects without it. So, It helps us to make dynamic and working web pages.

Javascript Variables:


You might like it:


Strings are used for storing the text and they store the text in the form of “  ”  or ‘  ‘.

Var web name = “Fantacydesigns”; 


Arrays are used for storing multiple elements in it and we use them for our simplicity.


Functions are used in all programming languages. It is used for performing any specific task.

function myFunction(a, a) {

 return a * b;  


Change Html content:

It can change Html content using getElementById().

This method is used for calling Html elements by their id and then it allows for validating or modifying the content of Html.

Can change Html style (CSS):

It is also used for styling Html elements/data.

document.getElementById(‘demo’).style.fontcolor = ‘black’;

Can Hide Html elements:

It can be used for hiding Html elements.

document.getElementById(“demo”).style.display = “none”;

What is javascript used for?

  • Adding interactive behaviour to our web pages
  • Creating mobile apps and web pages
  • Developing server applications and building web servers
  • Game development

Therefore, it has a huge demand in the market.


  • Less server interaction
  • Immediate feedback to the visitors
  • Increased interactivity
  • Richer interfaces

So, you can take advantage of it. So, learn it properly from here.


  • Client-side is unable to read or write files due to security reasons
  • It can’t be used for networking applications
  • It does not have multiprocessing or multithreading capabilities

Best Development Tools:

  • Microsoft frontpage
  • Micromedia Dreamweaver MX
  • Micromedia Homesite 5
  • Vs code
  • Sublime text editor 3
  • Brackets

Therefore, by using these tools you can take a lot of advantages. You can write your code without errors. So, you have to use it for the best results.

What would be the condition of the web pages without javascript?

Without using this language you can only make a static website. If you want to make dynamic websites then you have to use them in your website otherwise you can’t make a dynamic website. Without using it we will only see Html and CSS on our web pages. With Html and CSS we can achieve animations and hover etc. Therefore, if you want to make a dynamic website then you have to use it.

How to use javascript in Html?

We can use it in three ways

Best websites for learning javascript

Therefore, by following these websites you can improve your skill level.

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