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Double click like the event is an awesome feature in javascript. Today we are going to learn how to create a double-click heart event like Instagram. In the last lecture, we learnt about JavaScript. But now let’s discuss how to create Instagram-like (heart) effect.

Double click like:

It is used for liking the pictures on Instagram but we can create it using javascript. But now let’s discuss this image and its effects. Then we will create it using these front-end languages.

It is written as an instruction for its users so that users can understand it. Then it has a counter which counts the number of likes. But once we like it then it starts counting it and it converts the 0 into the number of likes. Below it we have an image for the like event.

By double-clicking on the picture, it will produce a heart as a pop on the image. It has red colour or red and it appears in the form of fade and also disappears in the form of fade.

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How to create a Double click effect:

We can simply create it with the help of Html, CSS and Javascript. These languages will help us to create it.

Source code of Html

First, we are starting with Html. Create a file of Html and save it as like.html and save it in any folder. Then copy the given code of Html and paste it into your Html file. Html is a hypertext markup language and is used for creating the skeleton of the content.

Source code of CSS:

Again create a file of CSS and name it as like.css. Save it in the same folder and copy the given code. Paste the code into your CSS file. CSS is used for designing.

Source code of javascript:

Once again create a file of javascript. Name it as like.js and save it in the same folder. Copy this code of javascript and paste it into your file. Javascript is used for adding functionality to our project. Its functionality is that by double-clicking on that image it is generating a heart.

In this way, you can create a like effect using javascript. I have created a file that has all these files (Html, CSS and js). Download this file from the below button and then extract these files from the zip file.

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Thanks for reading this article.

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