Frequently asked questions template with source code

Today we will learn how to make the “Frequently asked questions” section using Html, CSS and JavaScript. In the last post, we created a Quiz application system using Html, CSS, and JavaScript. But now let’s see how to create a frequently asked question section.

The theme of the Frequently asked questions section:

This section is mainly used on websites. It is used below the services of the website. Any website which is selling something online (products, courses, etc) uses it. It is used for providing the surety that people often ask these questions and the reply to these questions is here. It helps the users to get enough knowledge about that particular service.


So, we have also created it using Html, CSS, and js. If you will follow the below steps then you will also create it.

It has a simple background. At the top, it has the text “ Frequently Asked Questions” which is the heading. Below it has the section of questions. It has five questions. Every question is placed in a box and it has also round edges due to radius. I the box left side we have the questions. On the right side, we have a button that indicates that it will open downward by clicking on it.

By clicking on this button it will open the answer to the question. It showed the answer and question in that box and the background color is also changed. Now it has a button that indicates that it will close the answer after clicking. We can open all the questions at a time. So it was a short introduction to this post. Let’s see how to create it.

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How to create a Frequently asked questions section?

We can simply create it using Html, CSS, and javascript. For that, we have to create three main files for creating it.

Source code of Html File:

Let’s start with the Html file. Create a file of HTML and name it questions.html. Html will help us to write the content of this section. All the question answers will be written with the help of Html

Source code of CSS file:

Now create a file of CSS. Create a file of CSS and name it as uestions.css and save it in the same folder. CSS is used for designing any project like how to place the content and where to place the content. How to give it proper design and make it responsive across all the devices. So, copy this code and paste It into your file.

Source code of Javascript file:

save it in the same folder. It will help to add functionality to our project. Like adding on-click functionality in the buttons. We have two buttons and the functionality is used with the help of javascript. Copy this below code and paste it into your file.

Therefore, you can create this section with the help of Html, CSS, and javascript. If you are unable to create then we have a solution for it. We have created a zip file that contains all these files of Html, CSS, and javascript. Its link is present below. Click on the download button and download your source code. Then you have to extract all these files and run the main file.

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Thanks for reading this article.

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