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glow effect designs

The glow effect is an attractive and advanced concept used to make things attractive. The glowing effect can be applied to multiple objects on the website. Like images, cards, testimonial boxes, our team section, text, etc. The main purpose to use the glowing effect is to make web pages attractive. Now we will be using Html and CSS for creating this glowing effect. We will apply this effect to different objects practically. So, let us discuss it.

Content for glow effect:

We will follow three steps for glowing effects development.

  • Outer glow effect
  • Background glow
  • CSS circle glow effect

How to create CSS glow effect:

The main steps are:

  • Download a Code Editor
  • Create Html file
  • Download HTML code
  • Create CSS file
  • Download CSS code
  • Otherwise, download the source code

Outer Glow Effect:

As you can see in the image, we have applied a glowing effect on the borders of the card. These cards have a hover effect and then the glow effect is also there. The card is simple without a hover effect. But after hovering over the card, it opens up. The upper part is showing glow_effect.  The lower part is showing the description and call to action button. After removing the cursor the card returns to its simple position without glow. The color is also added to the background for showing its effect.

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Html Source code:

The HTML source code is below.

CSS source code:

The CSS source code is below.

Background Glow:

In this section, we have added a background glow to the section. We have taken three headings in the section. Then divided the section into three boxes. Each box is different from another box. The background colors of all the boxes are different. 

When it comes to the glowing of the boxes then we set the background color. There are multiple colors set in the background. But they are static colors. We need to animate these colors in a specific direction.

Then we decided to animate these colors around the corners of the boxes. They are moving in a certain direction around the box. For adding the color you are using different formats of CSS because we are discussing CSS properties. All the design, color, animations, and styling are provided using CSS properties. 

Html Source code:

The HTML source code is below.

CSS Source code:

The CSS source code is below.

CSS Circle Glow Effect:

The circle glow effect is also useable inside the website. It is used to glow the round objects inside the web pages. First, we have to create a round circle using Html CSS. Then we have to set the color at the corners or edges of the shape (circle). Different colors are added to the circle. Then make them bright. At the end create a small object at the edge of the circle. The object is moving around the circle. Different colors show animations and glowing effects. Now it’s time to learn how to create a CSS circle glow effect.

Html Source code:

The HTML source code is below.

CSS Source code:

The CSS source code is below.

Download Source code:

We have added the HTML and CSS code of the outer glow effect, Background glow, and CSS circle glow effect. If you want the source code of all these in one file then it will be provided below. From the below download source code file, you will be allowed to download the source code of all these glowing effects in one single click. 

CSS Circle Glow Effect:-

Background Glow Effect:-

Task and Conclusion:

You have learned a lot of things related to the glowing effect and have seen three different projects related to the glowing effect. Now it’s your turn to use the glowing effect in different objects using CSS. Create a section of our team or testimonial section using Html and CSS. Then add the glowing effect at the corners of the team members. The corners must have different colors and they should be animated around the corners of the members. 

Best of luck.

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