What is Html? Definition and Example

What is Html?


Html was discovered by Tim Burners Lee in 1990


Html stands for HyperText Markup Language used for creating web pages. It describes the structure of the page of the website. This language consists of elements and elements that tell the browser how to and where to display the content on web pages. It is a frontend language.



  • <!DOCTYPE html> describes that it is an Html5 document
  • <html> It’s the root element
  • <head> It contains metadata
  • <title> describes the title of the web page
  • <body> is used to write all the content of web page. Everything on a web page is included in this portion.
  • <p> </p> It is used for writing text/paragraphs.

What is meant by Html Element?

It works on the basis of tags. Some tags have start and end tags. These tags contain content inside it. <p> This is a paragraph </p>

 Some tags don’t have endings. They are known as empty tags. <br>

How to write Html?

For writing its code you need an editor/IDE. It can be a notepad, sublime, Visual code studio, or any online editor.

First, you need to open IDE and then save it with the extension of .html because it helps the browser to understand the type of document. Write the code in your editor by using all these tags properly.

Html code

Run the file and you will get the output in your browser. The browser can be Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser.


Desktop View

Mobile output:

mobile output
Phone web View

Different Versions :

It has several versions and with the passage, new versions are coming and it is updating continuously.

Html 2:

Introduced on November 24, 1995

Html 3:

Introduced on January 14, 1997

Html 4:

Introduced on December 18, 1997

Html 5:

Introduced on October 28, 2014

Currently, people are using Version Html5 because it has a lot of new features and it is offering more compatibility and facilities to its users.

Every version of Html is useful but Html5 is new and updated and it has some new functionalities. Using Html5 is very helpful and useful.

Best IDE for Html:

You can use a lot of IDEs for writing Html but Visual Studio Code and Sublime text 3 are very powerful IDEs because they are saving time. This IDE suggests tags and it saves our time.

Best Browsers :

Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the best browsers for executing the code of Html. So, use them for a better experience and the best output.

Is Html a Programming Language?

No, it’s not a programming language. It’s a markup language/ fronted language/ web language used for creating web pages.

Pros and Cons HTML Language:


  • Beginner friendly
  • Support
  • Accessible
  • Flexible


  • Static
  • Separate page
  • Browser compatibility

Best websites for learning it:



What we can achieve from this Language?

We can use it for creating our website. There might be some limitations in WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc but when we are working with it we can achieve anything. So, by using this language we can create any type of website. It helps us to create awesome and responsive websites across all devices. It is compatible.

For getting source codes of different templates must follow us. If you have any questions/queries comment below.

Thanks for reading this article.

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