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img hover effect

Hello everyone, in this post, we will learn how to use different CSS Image hover effects or card filters in CSS. In the last post, we discussed how to create a contact us page in HTML and CSS. Let us discuss how to use different filters or hover effects of CSS.

Image hover effects:

As you can see in the image we have four images for showing the hover effect. These images are placed in a row using the flex property. You can change them from the grid to flex using CSS properties. The images are placed in a normal position. After moving the cursor over the image it clears that image and blurred other images. It is simply applied using the CSS hover effect property. You can check the code of the hover effect in the below code file.


Then we added four images in the form of rectangular boxes.

image hover effect- fantacydesigns

Then we added a hover effect to the images. All the images are clear before hovering. Once we hover over one picture then all other pictures got blurred.

We have created this effect using CSS properties.

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How to create Image hover effects in CSS?

Download a code editor for image hover effects:

Download a code editor so that you can easily write the code.

Download HTML source code:

Html is a markup language and it is used to create the skeleton of the website. Here we have imported the images with the help of Html tags and all the text is written with the help of HTML.

Source code of CSS:

It is also a markup language and it is used to design our project. Picture alignment, picture radius, background colour etc are done using CSS. In simple words, CSS is used to design the project.

Then we added the hover effect to our images with the help of CSS


Download source code:

We have a source code file and in this file, all the necessary code files are present with the images. Just click on the download button below the download button and you have a file with all these code files. It is free to download from the below button.


The hover effect can be applied in different forms on different objects on web pages. We have required Html and CSS for adding hover effects on images and other objects. Right now we have added a hover effect on images. After hovering over an image other images get blurry.
You can reverse this process and practice it. Make the image blurry on hover.

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Thanks for reading this article.

Download Source CodeClick to Download
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