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Photo gallery HTML CSS template - fantacydesigns

Hello everyone, in this post, we will learn how to create a Photo gallery with HTML, CSS, and javascript. In the last post, we created an Image hover effects Html and CSS. Today our topic is to create a picture gallery using HTML, CSS, and javascript.

The image gallery is used in websites if websites want to show their work or their items. It helps the company to show their stuff in a beautiful gallery. A lot of websites are using this feature for their companies.

Photo gallery HTML CSS template - fantacydesigns
Photo gallery HTML CSS template - fantacydesigns

As you can see in the image we have a gallery of images and in this gallery, we have different images aligned beautifully. So, These images are aligned with the help of CSS. Then it has a scroll bar below the images. So, you can see other images by scrolling right or left for more images.

Therefore, all these things are created with the help of HTML, CSS, and javascript. All the images are blurred and when we hover over any image then it shows its original color and becomes clear. Let us see how to create this gallery for your website as well using HTML, CSS, and javascript languages.

We will create an image gallery using four steps. You have to follow all these steps if you want to create this type of gallery for your website.

Download an IDE:

An IDE is an environment for writing the code. You can say that a code editor for writing the code of Html, CSS, and javascript. VS Code and brackets are the most used code editors. You can use any code editor according to your needs.

Html is known as a markup language and we have used it to import the images for our gallery and it is used to create the skeleton of the website pages. Code of Html is given below and it is free to use.

Download source of CSS:

It is also known as a markup language and we have used it to align our images in the gallery according to our design. Therefore, Gallery has been designed using CSS properties. Therefore, CSS code is available below free of cost and you can use it for free.

Source code of javascript:

It is known as a dynamic programming language and it is used to add functionality to website pages. We have added a hover effect in the gallery images using javascript. Also, we have created a scroll bar below the images with the help of javascript.

Download source code:

If you don’t know how to connect HTML, CSS, and javascript files with each other then we have created a file for you. All the necessary code files are present in this file along with the gallery images. So, you have to download it from the below button and your gallery will be there in front of you.

So, if you like this post then like and share it because sharing is caring. And if you have any type of question then you can ask them in the comment section. We will try to answer your every question asap.

Thanks for reading this article.

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