Shuffle cards using CSS and javascript

Hello everyone, today we will learn how to shuffle cards using CSS and javascript. We will shuffle the cards using CSS and javascript properties and libraries. In the last post, we created a Sliding login and registration form in Html and CSS Let’s see how to develop a shuffle card project using Html, CSS, and javascript.

Shuffle cards using CSS:

Shuffle Cards - fantacydesigns
Shuffle Cards - fantacydesigns

Images position and design are created using CSS. Images are imported using Html. Click-to-action (shuffle images) is developed using javascript language. It is a very simple project and you can use it inside your website for showing the company products etc. So, if you are interested in this design then you have to follow us because we are going to develop it in steps.

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How to shuffle cards using CSS and javascript?

Cards can be shuffled using Javascript language. We will use front-end languages to create this project. Our focus is to create it in simple steps so, that beginners and professionals can create it easily.

Download a code editor:

The code editor is the first needed in developing any project in any programming language or front-end language. Code editors are used for writing code for saving time and they help us to avoid syntax errors as well.

Source code of HTML for shuffle cards in CSS:

It is used to import the images for the shuffle. We will shuffle and design the images once we have imported the images into our project using HTML. The HTML code for this project is given below and use this code in your HTML file.

Source code of CSS:

CSS is used to design the images. So, we have centralized the images using CSS properties. Also, images are adjusted using CSS properties. Code of CSS for image design is given below.

Source code of javascript:

It is used to add functionality to our project. By clicking on the images/cards they are shuffling with each other. This action/functionality is added using javascript languages. Such types of functionalities can be added to our website using javascript.

Save all the files of html, css and javascript with the extensions of .html, .css and .js

Download source code:

So, if you are unable to use HTML, CSS, and javascript code which is given above then you can download the below file. We have provided the code file along with images and you need to download the file from the below download button.


You can observe in this tutorial that three images are rotating on clicking. Now it’s your job to add new features to this design. Add 5-7 images in it and then try to shuffle these images on click. You can set a timer or duration for the animation/shuffling of the images. Get new ideas and learn more and more.

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Thanks for reading this article.

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