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Hello everyone, today we will create a contact us form for a website using Html, CSS, and javascript. In the last post, we discussed how to create a Website contact us form Html. Today, our main motive is to create this contact us page which orders something on the website with some great features.

Contact us form for website in Html:

Contact us a form is a form that is used by any website or application for contact with the owner of the website or application. There might be some motives to contact customer support. In this contact us form we have some options for ordering from the website. The website is offering some services and users have to fill out this form if they want to buy any service from the website. By filling in all these details you can place your order at this website through this form. So, lets us see how you can create it for your website using Html and CSS, and javascript.

Content of form:

This form has a gradient background. Gradient color means the mixture of two or more colors. So, it is looking cool due to the gradient. Then it has a box that has all the content of the form. This form has some fields for entering data into the form.

Starting with the name and email of the customer for contact. Then it offers services and they are present in a dropdown button. They will appear after clicking on the button. Then services will appear and you can select anyone from them. After that, it is offered to select the budget related to your budget. A low budget will have low work and a high budget will offer more work. Then it has a message field. You can type a short or long message to customer support according to your need or problem.

You might like it:

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In the end, it has a submit button. You can simply submit your request after filling in all the details of the form. If you want to continue without filling in all the details of the form you can’t go ahead. It will generate an error if you will continue without filling it. This form has a validation functionality.

How to create a contact us form?

It is simple and easy to create a contact us form in Html, CSS, and javascript. If you want to create it then you are at the right place to learn how to create it. So, let us start it.

Then create a folder and make three different files of Html, CSS, and Javascript. Save every file with the extension of .html, .css, and .js in your folder.  After creating these files then copy all these given codes and paste them into your files.

Source code of Html:

Its code is present here. So, copy and paste it.

Source code of CSS:

Copy and paste this code into your CSS file and also link it with the Html file through the link tag.

Source code of javascript:

Now copy this javascript code and paste it to your file and also connect it with the Html file using the link tag.

Therefore, you will be able to create this type of contact us by using the method which we had discussed above.

If you are not able to connect these files with Html then we have a solution to this problem. Click on the below download button and then save that file. It has all these files and they are connected with each other. You just need to run them by extracting them from the .zip file.


This contacts my form is a beautiful and amazing form. It has multiple amazing fields for users. This time I am again focusing on form validation. Add a field of date and time picker. After clicking on the date, it shows a popup and enables the users to select and post without facing an error.

So, it was a simple method for creating a contact us form. I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading it.

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