Contact us page design in Html code with CSS and js

Today we are going to build a contact us page design in Html and CSS. In the previous post, we created a Transparent Contact us page design . At this moment we want to create a contact us section in Html and CSS. So, follow me for creating it properly using Html and CSS.

Contact us for page design in Html and CSS:

It helps the company to understand the needs and questions of the users so, that company can solve them and modify its policies according to user requirements.

It gets the name, email,s and messages from users and sends them to the database of the website. Then the owner of the website or administration of the company can listen to the need of the users and solve their problems. First, we want to discuss something about the contact us section that we have just created and you can see it in the image.

contact us page
Radius “300px”

Content of contact us page design in Html:

Then it has a heading at the top. Fields are used with the input method and with the help of fields you can enter the data into the fields. First, we have the field of name. Then it has the field of the email. After that, it has a message field. In this field, you can completely write your problem or issue in the message field. In the message field, it has a button on the right side. By clicking on this button you can expand the size of the field and write a complete story.

 Therefore, we have created a button to submit the information to the website. This button has an outline that looks quite attractive. Then we used the hover effect on this button. When you point the mouse over it then it will change its color to look more awesome. We will create it using Html and CSS only. So, follow us in creating it.

How to create a contact us page design in Html?

It is easy and simple to create and we are going to create this contact us page for our website in three steps.

Download an IDE:

An IDE is a code editor so, download it for writing the code according to your comfort level.

 Source code of Html:

Its code is given below so, copy and paste this code.

Source code of CSS for contact us page:

CSS code is given below. You can copy its code and then paste it into your file.

Download source code:

So, we have also created a source code file. It is present in the below link. Click the download button and then you will get the file.

Thanks for your time.

Download Source CodeClick to Download
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