Contact me form for website in Html, CSS and javascript

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Contact me form for a website is a widely used contact us form for websites in this era and every website developer should know how to create it. In the last post, we discussed how to create a Create contact us form. Today, we are going to build a CSS contact us form.

Contact me form for website

The CSS contact us form is a type of form used for contacting the website support team or application support team. It is used by users so that they can solve their problems or ask questions. It is very helpful to clear the confusion of the customers. If you own a website or you are a website developer then you should know how to create it. First, let’s see the content of the form.

This form is created with the help of Html, CSS, and javascript. Here we have 3 frontend web languages used for creating web pages. This form is a type of web page. It has a solid background. Then it has a box (div) that has all the content of the form. Further, this box is divided into two parts (left and right). Both sides have different content. So, let us discuss both of them. 

The left box has all the fields for inserting the data of the users for contact with the website. This box has a solid background. It has a heading at the top “Send us a message”. Then it has multiple fields for inserting the data into the fields. These fields are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Subject and
  • Message

After filling in all the details you need to press the submit button to submit your request or message to the website. So, that your problem can be solved.

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Contact me form for website

It means that if you are not gonna fill in the fields of the form and you are pressing submit button. Then it will not submit your request, because it has uses the form validation functionality. It enables an error if any field will be left empty. So, users have to fill in all the fields and then submit the details.

On the right side of the form, it has the “Contact us” details of the website/company. These are

  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website link

These details are written with the help of icons that show the text form. These icons are imported using CSS. By using CSS you can design any web page and import any icon.

How to create a Contact me form for a website?

It is easy to build this type of contact us form for any website using these frontend languages. First, download an IDE and then open it. Create a file of Html, then CSS, and then a js file. Save them with the extension of .html, .css and .js in the same folder. Then connect CSS and js files with Html files using the link tag in the Html file.

The source code of Html:

Source code of css: