Footer is one of the most important components of the website and it is present at the bottom of the website. So, let’s build it.

Footer is a very useful section of any website. It is located at the bottom of the website. Footer is used for many purposes. It may contain links to different pages. After scrolling through all the websites users can find their desired content at the footer. So, that’s why it’s a very useful section of any website.

This footer is also created using Html and CSS only. It has four sections. Every section of this footer has different content of the footer. So, you can redirect to any section or page using these links.

Web View

This logo represented a website or company. Then on the right side of the footer, it has the heading “Social media links”. Below this heading, it has different links to different social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Below this, it has a line, and then it has a text “@Copyright………..”. It is very simple to create this type of footer and we are gonna create it using Html and CSS. So, let’s start it.

We can create the footer of any website following the below steps. These steps help you to create a responsive footer just like it.

Download an IDE/code editor:

Source code of Html:

Html is a markup language used for creating web pages and the footer is the part of the web section. So, we are creating it using this language and it will help us to create the skeleton of the footer. Its code is written below. You can simply copy it to your clipboard and then paste it into your IDE. In IDE first, create a file with an extension of .html and then save the file

Source code of CSS:

CSS is also a markup language and it is used for designing web pages. First, create a file of CSS with the extension of .css, and this copy-paste this code into your file.

Now go to your folder and then run the Html file. Your footer will be opened in your browser in front of you. If you are facing any error in creating the footer then download the source code from the below button. This file has all the code files and you will get this responsive footer.

If you have any type of query then don’t forget to ask.

Thanks for reading this article.

Download Source CodeClick to Download
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