Html landing page template free | Landing page CSS

Hello everyone, In this post, we will learn how to create a beautiful and simple landing page using HTML CSS, and JavaScript. In the last post, we discussed how to create a Landing page HTML template free download but now we are going to discuss how to create a beautiful and simple landing page using 3 front-end languages.

Html landing page:

Html, CSS, and Javascript:

Landing Page

 As you can see in the image we have created a beautiful and modern landing page. This page has a lot of features and we have created it using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We have used the Html for creating the skeleton of a landing page and CSS is used for creating the design of the landing page we have also used the CSS for making our landing page responsive across all the devices like mobile and tablets etc.  JavaScript is a dynamic language and it is used to add functionality to any website or landing page.

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The header of the Html landing page:

As you can see in the image that we have a landing page and we have created the header of the landing page. At the top of the landing page, we have divided the header into two sections in the first section on the left-most side we have uploaded the logo of the website and on the right side of the landing page, we have created the menu of the landing page.

Header Section

Hero Section of Html landing page:

Then we created the hero section of the page and in the hero section, we created two sections of the page. On the left side of the hero section, we have created a section for text heading and buttons and on the right side of the hero section, we have uploaded the picture and graphics of the page.  

Services Section

Then below this hero section, we have created three boxes. And these three boxes are equal in size and have the same color, same shadows, each and everything are same. In all the boxes we have uploaded an image. At the top of the box, we have a heading, and that heading is the main heading. You can name it H1. And then we have a paragraph and it is created with the help of a paragraph tag which is used in Html. And then we created a button. This will help us to move across the page and visit all the sections and pages.


 Below these boxes, we have created another section and in this section. We have divided the section into two parts left side and the right side. On the left side, we have uploaded the graphics and pictures related to the landing page or business or website. We have uploaded an icon and along with that, we have heading and text related to that icon. It can be related to some services that are security-related things of the business.

Testimonials section:

When we scroll down then we came across a unique and interesting section and in this section, we have created a section for people who are our customers. We create a beautiful customer review section for our users.


Then we have another section on this page and that is the final section of this page. In this section, we have created a contact us page. This contact form will help the visitor to contact the company if they have any queries. And in this contact us page we have some input fields and user can enter their data. They can send their information to the team of the business or website. And they will answer their question. Then on the right side of this section, we have some text and links to different social media accounts.

contact us section - Landing Page - Fantacydesigns

If you want to visit different social media accounts of that company or business then you can go through these links. And by clicking on this can you can visit their social media platform. These icons are important with the help of CSS properties and you can import these icons from the font awesome website. For creating this type of learning page we have to follow some steps and after falling these steps you will be able to create this beautiful and simple learning page. We will create this learning page in simple steps, and you have to follow for steps if you want to create just the type of learning page for you.

How do create an Html landing page?

First, you have to download and install a code editor for the purpose of writing the code. It helps us to write the code without Syntax errors and it also saves us time when we are developing any software or website or page or we are creating any project. Then it helps us to create that project without facing any syntax errors and it also saves our time because it provides us suggestions while coding anything in that code editor. VS Code is recommended.

Html source code:

You have to create an HTML file and save the file with the extension. HTML.

Source code of CSS:

CSS is also known as a markup language and we use this language to make our landing pages or website a responsive website across all the devices. We also use it to design a site page are landing pages. The CSS code is given below and you can use this code for free. And for use this code you have to link this code with the file of Html and then it will help you to design your page.

Source code of javascript:

JavaScript is a dynamic language and we use this language to add functionality to our website or web pages. It helps us to create different types of events and when we click on any button then it helps us to move across the different pages on the Internet. The code of JavaScript is given below and you can use this code along with Html and CSS.