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In this lesson, we will learn how to create the footer of the website using Html and CSS. In the last lecture, we learned how to create a Responsive Header form using HTML and CSS.

If you have gone through any website then you must go through the footer of the website. When you scroll down from top to bottom then you have to go through the footer. Footer is present at the bottom of the website with some quick links. These links may be social media sharing buttons, login/signup buttons, information about the website, etc.

A footer is also a main part of the website. When the visitors scroll down the website then they have to move from different sections of the website and the footer also helps them to move across the website through quick links present at the footer of the website.

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In this program, we are going to learn how to create the footer of the website using HTML and CSS. It’s going to be very unique and simple to understand. We are going to develop it step by step.

This footer is totally responsive across all devices (mobile, tab, and PC/laptop). It is totally made in HTML and CSS and I haven’t used a single line of Javascript for the development of this header section. It contains different quick links, different icons, information about the website and address, etc. If you are interested in this post or want to add this footer code to your project or website then you can copy and download the source code from here. Scroll down to get the source code of this footer section.

For creating this footer section you need to create two files in your Html editor (VS code/ sublime etc.). Name your Html file as index.html and CSS file style.css and then paste the given code into these files.



In this way, you can create the footer of the website in HTML and CSS. If you are facing any type of problem in understanding any line of code of HTML and CSS then you can click here for learning all the tags and properties of HTML and CSS.

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