Landing page HTML template free download

In this post, we will learn how to create a landing page for your website. It has a logo, menu, and one hero section image which identifies the niche of the website. In the last, we have learned how to create a CSS box-shadow | CSS shadow image. Today our topic is to create a beautiful landing page for a website using HTML, CSS, and javascript languages.

Landing page in HTML, CSS, and javascript:

As you know that landing pages represents the company and we have created it for our company. It has a logo on the left top side. Then it has a menu on the right top side of the landing page.

landing page html template free download
Hero Section

Below the hero section, we have an image with its description in a box and they are aligned using the CSS flex property. Then we have a gallery of the website products. In the gallery, you can use the images related to your niche on your landing page and it helps the visitors to choose your services wisely.

Landing page HTML template
Best Deal’s Section

Therefore, we have different logos of the companies and you can select the products related to that specific company. Emails newsletter is also used there and you can ask your visitors to subscribe to your landing page. Whenever you will post any new thing you can send an email to your subscribers.

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Landing page HTML template
Product Section

In the end, we have a footer on the landing page. There must be a footer for the landing page and website. So, it has some direct links and address details with contact details as well. Let us know how to create using these three languages for our landing page.

How do create a Landing page in HTML, CSS, and javascript?

We will create it in four basic steps and you have to follow them if you want to create this type of landing page.

Download a code editor for the landing page:

Code editor provides an environment for writing the code easily. VS code is used for writing the code of HTML, CSS, and javascript. You can use any code editor for yourself but it has a lot of advantages for using it.

Source code of Html:

It is a markup language and we used it to create the skeleton for our landing page. The HTML code is available for this page. Copy this code and create a file of Html and then paste it there into an HTML file.

Source code of CSS:

CSS is a markup language and it is mostly used to design the landing pages. We have also designed our page using CSS. Therefore, the code is given below. Just copy this code and create a new file for css and paste this code into your css file.

Source code of javascript:

Javascript is known as a dynamic programming language and we use it to add functionality to our website pages. Javascript code is given below. Create a javascript file and then copy this javascript code and paste it there in your javascript file.

Download source code:

Code was given but if you are still unable to create the landing page using the above source code then we have created a file. In this file, you will find all the necessary images and HTML, CSS, and javascript files. You just need to run the main file and your page will be there in front of you for free.

Task and Conclusion:

This landing page is divided into multiple sections and all the sections are different from each other. This page consists of different objects like images, text, buttons, headings, paragraphs, footer, icons, header, and hero sections. You need to modify this design and add new things. Change icons, text, images, and font family all over the page.

Download the source code from the below download source code button. If you have any type of query, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thanks for reading this article.

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