NFT Landing page in HTML and CSS

NFT Landing page in HTML and CSS

NFT Landing Pages are becoming the need of everyone in this digital world. We have created this NFT landing page in HTML and CSS. In the last post, we discussed a Product page for the landing page So, let’s discuss how to create a landing page in HTML and CSS.

NFT Landing Page:

NFT Landing page in HTML and CSS

As you can see in the image we have created an NFT Landing Page in HTML and CSS. As you can see it has a header at the top of the page and it has some content. It has a logo and it is imported using an HTML tag because it is an image of the logo.


Then at the center, we have a menu to navigate along the website using these menu buttons. Then on the right side, we have created sign-in buttons. It helps the customers to become members of the website for free. Below this, we have an image and a description related to the website. The text and image are aligned using the flex property. First, we created images and text with the help of a div tag. Then we aligned them properly.

Below this we have buttons and they are created using tags in HTML and designed using CSS properties. The image is imported using the tag and placed in the right place using CSS properties. Below this, we have a heading and then some pictures related to this website. These images describe the previous work of the website business owner.

main 2

Then we have a heading of getting started. Below this, we have different icons. These icons can simply be imported or downloaded in the form of code. The heading is created using the tag. Below this text is added using a paragraph tag. Then we aligned the icons with the help of the flex property. Their icon size is the same and they are transparent as well.

In the Discover part, we have imported some images. On the right side, we have the buttons for the filter. By clicking on these buttons you can add a filter. In this way, you can filter the relevant content related to your requirement.

These images have their description titles as well. Images are arranged in the form of a grid or CSS. You can arrange the images like these using CSS properties and we use grid and flex properties for this purpose.

Footer is also one of the important components of a website. It has basic information and links to the website pages. It has a description text in the form of a heading on the left side. On the right side, it has the category of pages along with their menu and links. By clicking on these links one can visit other pages of the website. It helps the users to visit all the pages of the website.  

This NFT Landing Page is responsive across all devices. You can use the code to create a clone of this landing page. Therefore, if you are interested in creating this type of landing page using HTML and CSS only then follow this tutorial till the end.

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How to create an NFT Landing page?

Landing pages are the requirements of today’s businesses. We have only created this page using HTML and CSS. Follow the below steps towards the development of this project.

Download an editor:

A code editor is a basic need to write HTML and CSS for any project. So, I have used sublime text version 4 for my project. You can use any code editor for creating this HTML web page.

Html source code:

In the development of web pages, we start our project with HTML. Create an HTML file and then put this code in your file and then save the file with the .html extension.

CSS source code:

After writing the HTML code we need to design HTML elements. For that, we have provided the code HTML and then paste the code and save the CSS file with the .css extension.

Download source code:

In the above code, images are not provided. You need to have all the images of this project as well for your HTML web page. So, we have provided a file and in this file, all the necessary HTML, and CSS files are present along with all the images. So, download the source code by clicking on the download button.

If you have any type of question-related to this HTML web page then comment below.

Summary and Task:

You have gone through the process of building a landing page for NFT using HTML, CSS ad js languages. We have explained all the necessary information related to the development of this NFT page. Now your task is to build a landing page as well. The landing page consists of a hero section along with a menu bar. Then it must be connected with a team section below the hero section. And at last, create a footer for the landing page using these languages. The footer must have information along with icons as well.
Thanks for reading this article.

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