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The navigation bar in Html is one of the most important components of any website. It describes the type of website. It is mainly used for adding buttons with different links to pages or sections of the website. In the last lecture, we discussed how to create Text animation. You can check that one also. But at this moment our job is to learn how to create a responsive navigation bar for our website.

Navigation bar in Html:

It is always present at the top of the website. It may contain (a button, search bar, social sharing buttons logo, etc). A navigation bar mostly contains this type of content. A navigation bar has a button and those buttons have links to pages or sections of the website. When you click on the buttons then it redirects you to that section or page of the website.

This navigation bar has a logo, search bar, and buttons. It has a logo on the left side. The logo represents the brand or shows the identity of the website. Then it has a button on the right side. These buttons are used for linking with other pages of the website. You can connect your pages with these buttons. After clicking on these buttons they will redirect you to that page. Then it has a search bar on the right side. It is used to search the content inside the website.

The main purpose of using a navbar inside a website is to allow the users to move across different sections and pages of the web. This navbar is also doing the same job and allowing the users to navigate across the website. 

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This navigation bar has certain CSS properties. Font family, Font size, and icons. These are used with the help of CSS. Today we will create it using Html and CSS. If you will follow our steps then you will be able to create this type of navigation bar for your website. It is responsive across all devices.

How to create a navigation bar in Html?

For developing this type of navbar we have taken the help of Html and CSS so that we can create a body and design it easily. The code editor, html body structure, and CSS design class will help us in the development of this beautiful design. It is very simple to achieve this picture design using Html and CSS. So, let’s do it.

Download a code editor:

First, download a code editor for Html and CSS. It can be vs code, sublime text 3 or notepad, etc.

Source code of Html:

Html is a markup language and we are going to use it to create the logo and buttons of the navigation bar. So, create an Html file and copy-paste this code into your Html file.

Source code of CSS:

CSS is also a markup language and it is used for designing web pages. The navigation bar is the part of a web page and it is designed using CSS. So, create a CSS file and paste this given into that file.

Therefore by using this method you will be able to create this type of navigation bar using Html and CSS. If you are unable to create this navbar then download the below file and enjoy your product. You can use this code for your projects as well.


This navigation bar is created using Html CSS language. Now you have to add some extra features to this navigation bar. The background of the hero section has solid color. Change the solid background into an image or video. It has text in the form of <h1> and then changes it to <p>. The button has white in color. Make it transparent color.

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Thanks for your precious time.  

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