Side menu in HTML, CSS, and javascript with source code

A Side menu is used on the left or right side of the website and it works as a menu on the website. In this lesson, we will create a sidebar in HTML, CSS, and javascript. In the last session, we created a Coming soon page. Let’s discuss how we have created this Side menu and the features of this particular Side menu.

Side Menu:

Opened Side Menu

As you can see in the image that we have created a beautiful Side menu and it has a lot of features. It has a unique design and all these things are created with the help of HTML, CSS, and javascript.

We have a heading at the top and below this heading, we have the menu items. In this menu option, we have added all the necessary options for the website in this menu. The Side menu has a dark background and it is created using CSS properties.

Close Side Menu

As you can see on the Side bar we have added the icons as well. These icons are created and implemented using CSS properties. We don’t put a lot of effort to create these icons from scratch. We have imported these icons from font awesome website. It has a bunch of icons and font code. You just need to click on the icon and it will show you the CSS code of that particular icon. Then we need to use that code inside our project.

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Menu Hover Effect

On the other hand, we have added the hover effect on all the menu items. When you point your cursor at these menu items then they will change their color. A new color will appear in the background due to the hover effect.

Then we used javascript along with Html and CSS. Javascript is used to create the pages dynamically. We have added the javascript into our code as well. It helped us to add the click functionality to our buttons. We can’t add functionality to our buttons without using javascript in our code. So, we are going to learn how we have used HTML, CSS, and javascript in our code.

How to create a Side menu in HTML, CSS, and javascript?

For the development of the Side bar, we have used HTML, CSS, and Javscript. We are going to develop it in four major steps. If you want to learn how to create this type of menu bar as well, then follow this tutorial.

Download editor:

Without using the code editor we are unable to write the code. Also, it has some features which help us to write the code effectively.

Html source code of Side menu:

Open your editor and create a file for your Side menu. Now create a file for HTML and save this file using the extension of .html at the end of the HTML file name. Source code is provided for free and you can use it in your project.

CSS source code:

CSS is best known for the style and design of a web page. Here we have done the design part with the help of CSS. Also, we have created the hover effect with the help of CSS. Now create a CSS file and save it using the .css extension in your editor.

Javascript source code:

Javascript is used to create dynamic web pages and we have added the click functionality to our buttons with the help of javascript. We will be using .js at the end of the file name while we are saving the file.

Source code:

The source code is given below

Task and Summary:

We have gone through all the major tags, properties, and libraries of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Now I am assigning you some tasks related to it. 

Task: You have learned how to create a side menu. But now you have to connect this menu with a landing page. Create a hero section of the landing page and then place the side menu/menu bar along with that hero section. It will look awesome.

If you have any type of question-related to this Side menu then ask your questions in the comment section.

Thanks for reading this article.

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