Skateboard video platform using HTML and css

In this post, we will learn how to create a skateboard video platform using HTML and CSS. In the last post, we created a Neon love effect in Html and CSS. At this moment we are trying to create a skateboard video platform using HTML, CSS and javascript.

Skateboard video platform:

As you can see in the image we have created a dashboard for skateboard users. . On the left-hand side, it has a menu in vertical form and all of the icons have a hover effect and they change their color in the hover effect. By clicking on them there is no response because we have not used a database in it.

Skateboard video platform using HTML and css
Skateboard video platform

Below this, it has two trending images with titles on them. Then it has some profiles of top people in this category. They are suggested and it looks awesome.

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How to create a skateboard video platform?

We will create it using Html, CSS, and js in the below steps.

Download a code editor for the Skateboard video platform:

The code editor will help us to write the code of Html, CSS, and javascript. The most used IDE for these languages is vs code, sublime text editor, and brackets. You can use anyone from them.

Source code of Html:

It is a markup language and uses to create buttons, images, videos, icons, etc without design. The code for all these things is given below and copy it by clicking on the copy button.

Source code of CSS:

It is also a markup language and we have used it to design our dashboard and make it responsive across all the devices. All the icons, images and videos are designed using CSS.

Code of javascript:

It is not a markup language because it is a dynamic language and we use it to add functionality in our project like transition, animation, on_click function etc.

Download source code:

Download the source code of this project from the below download button.

If you have the type of query then try to comment below and we will try to solve your problem asap.


As you can see in the image we have developed a beautiful skateboard beautiful platform. This skateboard is created using HTML, CSS, and js languages. In this skateboard, we have used multiple concepts for its development. Now I am assigning you some tasks related to it and you have to modify this platform.
Now change the background of the skateboard. Also, change the left sidebar from the left side to the right side. Change the theme of this platform. When you will change the position of the sidebar then you have to flip this content as well. This is created using the flex and grid functions of CSS. Just implement the code of flex property into it and arrange the images and videos in this platform. Also, make the search bar functional so that if someone wants to access the relevant content related to it then you find that with the help of a search bar.

Thanks for reading this article.

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