Testimonial box template using Html, CSS and javascript

testimonial box

Hello everyone, today we will learn how to create a testimonial box using Html, CSS, and javascript. In the last session, we discussed how to create an Email verification template in Html, CSS, and javascript languages. But now we are gonna learn how to create a testimonial Html template.

Testimonial box means:

The text or image shows something good about a person or a product. It describes something good about a person working in a field or company. It may have an image with text. It can contain an image, name, and description of a person/product.

This box contains a text at the top “testimonial box” and then below it has a box that contains all the text. It is rectangular in shape. At the top, it has a progress line which shows the progress of one person, and after sometimes it finishes. After that, it changes the image and text of the person and then appears as a new person with his/her details.

So, it has a description about that person which describes something good about that person. Then we have an image of that person in a circular form which looks absolutely awesome. Then on the right side, we have the name of that person and below his/her name we have the skill of that person.

All this content is presented in a rectangular box and it’s working in the form of a slider and it looks very pretty. I hope you like it.

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How to create a testimonial box?

For creating a responsive testimonial box we need to create three files in our IDE.

Html code:

Starting with an html file. Create an Html file and name it box.html and save it in any folder. Then copy this code and paste it into your Html created file. Html is used for creating the skeleton of the project like image, name, skill, description, etc.

CSS code:

Now, create a CSS file and name it box.css and save it in the same folder of your device. Copy the below code and paste it into your CSS file. It is used for designing our project and making it responsive across all the devices. So, without using it we can’t design our project and we are unable to make our project responsive.

Javascript code:

Once again create a file of javascript and name this file as box.js and also it in the same folder. Javascript is used for adding functionalities to our project. It is very helpful for creating any type of project which is responsive and functional.

By copying all these codes you can create a testimonial box and see your output in the browser.

Therefore, by using this method, you can create it by using HTML, CSS, and javascript. So, If you are facing any error in making it then no problem. I have created a zip file so that it can solve your problems. You just need to download it and extract all these files. Then open the file and run the file of Html and you will get your output in the browser.

Therefore, if you find this post helpful then must like it, share it, and comment. If you are facing any error in your code you have any questions/queries then comment below. I will try to reach out to you as soon as possible.

So, Thanks for reading this post.

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