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Hello everyone, in this lecture we will discuss how to create a responsive Testimonial HTML template with CSS. In the last lecture, we created a Product page in Html and css. Therefore, at this moment our focus is to create a testimonial box in HTML and CSS for a company team

Testimonial HTML template:

It is created using HTML and CSS and it is very helpful for a company to show its employees information on a beautiful table. This box is mainly used by those websites which are offering to sell their services online. They are working in a team and the team has a lot of members. They show their team in this testimonial box so that people get the knowledge about their team and be confident with the company.

As you can see in the image we have created a beautiful testimonial box using Html and CSS for a company. It has a heading at the top testimonials and it is designed using CSS. Below this, it has a line and it is also drawn with the help of CSS. Then we have three boxes below this line. These boxes have different information related to the team members.

So, these boxes are square in shape and everyone is equal in shape. At the top, it has an image and this image is round in shape. Then it has the name of the team member and it is a heading (created in HTML and designed in CSS). Below the name, it has a description related to the team member and it satisfies the users that this member has a lot of specialties.

Every box has the same image, name, description, and box and they are also the same in design. We are creating it using HTML and CSS and code will be given along with instructions.

How to create a Testimonial HTML template?

It is so simple to create a testimonial box in HTML and CSS. Therefore, we have to download a code editor. We will use it to write HTML and CSS code and this code is used in our project. You can use any HTML code editor for it.

Source code of HTML:

It’s a markup language and it is used to create the content of the testimonial box. We cant design anything in Html. The HTML code is given below and by clicking on the copy button it will be copied.

Source code of CSS:

CSS is used to design this testimonial box and without using it we can’t design anything in HTML Therefore, by using both codes in your editor you can create this type of Testimonial HTML template.

Download source code:

The source code is very helpful and it is available on the below button. So, by clicking on this button you can download it for free.

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Thanks for reading this article.

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