Free Html contact form code

Html contact form

The contact form is used to send the data from the user to the administration of the website. If the users have any type of query then users use the contact us page to contact customer support to solve their problems. This form has several fields and users use these fields to put their data into the fields and solve their problems. In the last post, we discussed how to create a Hover effect in CSS.

Contact form:

Html contact form

In this article, we will discuss all the content and coding involved in developing this form.


It is a markup language and we use this language to write the code for creating the skeleton of web pages. Like in this case we have used the HTML for creating the input fields, importing the image, and creating the buttons.

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It is also a markup language and we use this language to design our web pages. Form fields, box, images, color, background color, and font size. All these things are designed and managed with the help of CSS properties.


It is a dynamic programming language and we use this language to add functionality to our form buttons. It is also used to add validation to the form. Validation helps us to avoid duplicate and wrong data entries into the form. As a result, it saves the time of administration and also saves the memory of the computer.

Contact form content:

As you can see that we have a beautiful and attractive form with a lot of features and the best design. This page has a beautiful solid gradient background. Then it has a box that is created using a div tag. In this box, we have two further sections. On the left side, we have the content of the page. It has a message heading at the top. Below this, we have the fields for entering the date like Name, email, phone, company, and complete message. Then at the end, it has a button and after pressing this button the data will be processed and it will store in the database of the website. Then on the right side, we have the image of the Google Maps link with the address of the location.

How to create a contact form?

If you want to learn how to create a contact us page then follow the below steps. In these steps, we will explain how to create this form for free.

Html source code:

It is a markup language and we use this language to create a page skeleton. All the things are created in Html without design. The HTML code is given below and uses this code in your HTML file.

CSS source code:

IT is also a markup language and we use this language to design our form and make it responsive across all devices. All the things are beautifully managed with the help of CSS properties. CSS source code for this project is given below and it is free to use.

Javascript source code:

It is a dynamic programming language and in this project, we have used this language to make our project dynamic. It helps us to add validation and dynamic functionality to our form. Javascript source code is given below and it is free to use in your .js file.

Download a source code:

If you are facing any errors while using the above code then click it below button and will help you to download the source code of this project for free.


In this contact, us form the input fields are inserted on the left side and the description image on the right side. Now it’s your task to add two other fields and change the position of the image from right to side. Put an image in the background and replace the solid color.

I hope you like this post and learned something from it.

Thanks for reading this article.

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