Contact us form in Html and CSS with source code

Contact Form

Contact us form in Html is a type of form used for contacting the owner/supplier/administration/customer support of the website or application. In the last session, we covered Responsive Black footer template.

Contact us form in Html:

It can be used for many purposes.

The image is related to the category of the website. It has a solid border. Then it has various fields. Name is used for the name of the user. Email and phone numbers are also required. Then the user has to mention the subject of contact. Then the user can explain his/her problem in the message field. After filling in all the fields there is a button “send”. Then after filling the fields of the form you can press the send button for sending your message to the customer support of the website or application.

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How to create a contact us form?

For that we need something. So, you can create it using these steps.

Code of Html:

Code of CSS:

Now copy this CSS code and then paste it to the CSS file which you have created in your editor.

After pasting all these codes into your files then go to the folder in which you have saved all these files.

By downloading these files you can save the template code.

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Thanks for reading this article.

Download Source CodeClick to Download
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