Website contact us form Html code with CSS and js

website contact us form

Website contacts us from Html can be created with the help of CSS and javascript. In the last lesson, we learnt how to create a responsive Free contact us form for a website. Now we are focusing to develop a contact us form for websites using these languages. So, let’s get started.

Website contact us from Html code

The contact us form is used for websites and applications. It helps the users to ask questions from the owner of the application or website. Website or application can be of different purposes. For that, they are offering different services to their users. If users have any type of question/query then they are free to ask the owner of the website or application. This form is created for websites so we are focusing on websites.

This contacts us form is created using the same concept as the form of other websites. You can use this code in your project and also it is free for modification. It has a soft background which looks very cool. Then it has a box and that box has all the content of the form. This box also has a background that separates both the background colour and the colour of the form.      

This box is further divided into two parts. Both boxes have different colours but they are in contrast with each other. On the left side of the form, it has different fields for input. If users want to ask any question from customer support then they can ask their question using the left side of the form.

website contact us form
Contact Form

It has name, email, subject and message fields. By using these fields you can enter your data into the website. Then you can submit your data by clicking the submit button.

The right side of the form has different information about the website for contacting the website. They are address, phone, email and website link. At the same time, they have different icons and they are imported from font-awesome. 

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Form validation in the website contact us form:

It is a process used for preventing the wrong input in the form. If any field will remain empty then users can’t proceed further. It will generate an error. This is known as form validation.

How to create a Website contact us from Html?

It can be achievable using HTML, CSS and javascript. First, download an IDE and then create three files in your IDE.

  • Html files
  • CSS file
  • Javascript file

Save these files with the extension of .html, .css and javascript because it will help the browser to run the files properly.

Source code of HTML:

Copy and paste this code

Source code of CSS:

Copy and paste this code into your file