Contact us form Html and CSS with code

contact us page

The contact us form is very helpful for the users of the website. Lets build it.

Contact us form in Html:

In the thumbnail of this post, you have seen the picture of the form that we are going to build. This form is very helpful for the visitors to contact customer support so that your problem can be solved by customer support. It can be used for many purposes. The purpose of the contact us form is to change from website to website and application to application. And this contacts us page is created for any website user.

This page has an image as a background image. You can also use solid and gradient colors as a background instead of an image if you are not comfortable with the image.

It has solid borders. Then it has various fields. Name is used for the name of the user. Email and phone numbers are also required. Then the user has to mention the subject of contact. After filling in all the fields there is a button “send”. After filling the fields of the form you can press the send button for sending your message to the customer support of the website or application.

We can create this type of form in Html and CSS.

How to create a contact us form?

We can create a contact me page in Html, CSS, and javascript. For that we need something. First, we need to download an IDE/editor for writing the code of the project.

Code of Html for contact us form:

After creating the file of Html copy this Html code and paste it into your file.

Code of CSS:

Now copy this CSS code and then paste it to the Html file which you have created in your editor.

Contact us from the conclusion:

. Now run the main file and enjoy your output in your browser which you have.

Therefore, by following all these steps you have created your contact us form. If you have any problem in creating Html contact me form then download the code in the file from the below button. By downloading these files you can save the template code.

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Thanks for reading this article.

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