3 Best Tab Bar in Html, CSS, and JavaScript

tab bar

A tab bar helps the users to navigate around the website or application. It connects all the main pages with the buttons of the best tab bar and lets the users access all the content of the website or application easily. In the last post, we created beautiful glow effects using Html and CSS languages. Let’s try to build a tab bar for the website in Html, CSS, and javascript language.

Tab Bar:

tab bar

Today we will be creating three different tab_bars and each of them has a different concept.

  • Web tabs
  • Active tab CSS
  • Javascript tabs

How to create a Best Tab Bar?

For the development of the tab bar, we can use multiple languages. It varies from mobile to desktop and web. Desktop, android, ios, and the web have different languages for development. But our focus is to create things for websites. For websites, the best languages are Html, CSS, and Javascript. These languages help the developers to create the basic structure, then design that structure and make it attractive and responsive on multiple devices, and in the end, add the functionality in the buttons and add actions into buttons. The steps are:

  • Download code editor
  • Html source code
  • CSS source code
  • Javascript source code if have
  • OR download the source code

Web Tabs:

web tabs

Starting with web tabs. As you can observe the web tab in the image. It has two buttons and they have content connected with them. On clicking on these buttons, they are showing different content. Because they are connected with other pages and sections. 

Two buttons are added. So, they are added using Html tags. We have taken the input type as <radio> because it helps to select one option at a time. That’s why the user is allowed to click on one button at a single time. The buttons have their heading <h1>. You can observe that the heading has upper-case text. The text-transform property is added and the value is provided in uppercase. 

Below this, the content or section is added/connected with the buttons. That section has a container and it has certain width and height. The background color of the container and button is the same on clicking. On the other hand, the color of the button is different and is not active. You can set the color of the buttons to active and inactive and each state has different color property. 

The hover effect is also added using CSS properties. While moving the cursor at the button, it’s showing a hover effect of web tabs. The hover effect is the property of CSS language. You can also add multiple web tabs to this tab bar project.

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How to create the Tab bar using Html and CSS?

For the development of website tabs, we will be using HTML and CSS languages. These languages have a huge list of tags and properties. It helps the developers to choose different properties and create anything according to requirements.  The main steps are:

  • Download a code editor
  • Html source code
  • CSS source code
  • Or download the source code

Download code editor



Html source code

CSS source code

Download source code:

The source code of this website tab is provided below. If you are facing errors in connecting the web tab code of HTML and CSS with each other, then it is an easy way to download the file of these website tabs.

Active Tab Bar:

active tab css

As you can see in the image we have created an active tab in HTML and CSS. The concept of this tab is related to the above tab but the design and some functionalities are different. Let’s discuss something related to it and its development process.

Tab Bar content and development process:

This tab bar has a white and simple background. Above this, a box is created. Some CSS properties are applied to this box. It has a round corner which is created using a radius. Radius value is provided like 2, 5, 10, etc. 

Then the shadow is also there for this box. It differentiates the box from the background. If you wanna use CSS Shadows then we have created multiple shadows for your usage in your projects. This box has three different tabs. The number of tabs can be increased to 4, 5, 6, or according to requirements. 

In this first tab, we have a notification number. This notification number can be applied to all the tabs. When new notifications arise then it will show the number of notifications. 

Therefore, the active tab has a different color from the inactive tab. A small container is moving around the tabs when you click on any tab. Let us see how to create this tab section for any website in HTML and CSS languages. Finally, the result will be here.

How to create an active tab bar in CSS?

We have introduced a simple way of creating our projects. Follow these steps to create this active tab in Html and CSS.

  • Download code editor
  • Download the HTML source code
  • And download the CSS code
  • Download project code

Download code editor:

The recommended code editors are:


Sublime text 3

Html source code

CSS Source code

Download source code:

The source code is provided below. In case you are facing an error in connecting files, then it is helpful for you.

Javascript Tabs:

javascript tabs

Here we have a beautiful and awesome tab bar in Html, CSS, and Javascript. The above tab bars were simple due to only HTML and CSS. But now we have used javascript as well for more functionalities and animations. Let us see how we build this tab bar.

Javascript tab bar:

Lastly, our new tab bar has two sections (upper and lower). Let’s discuss separately each of them.

Upper section:

The upper section of the tab has different properties. It has a background color and all the tabs are placed inside that box with the background color. It has three tabs. 

So, we created a small box and it’s rotating by clicking the tabs. This box has a different color from the background and is used as a hover effect for showing the active tab. Furthermore, the lower section is mentioned below.

Lower section:

Below this, we have icons of the tab bar which are created using javascript. In the first icon place, we have the image of the user in a round form. All other icons have the same color. But everyone has a different hover effect and color. On hovering and clicking on each icon they show a different color. 

The icons are imported from font awesome. YOu can manually set the icons from assets. Download the icons from google and then place them inside the computer storage. After that call them inside the project by their location and file name.

How to create a Javascript tab bar?

It is really simple to create a tab bar in javascript and HTML, CSS. For that, we need to follow some basic steps. The steps are:

Download code editor:

The important code editors for developers are visual studio code and sublime text 3.

Tab Bar Html source code:

Tab Bar CSS source code:

Javascript source code:

Download source code:

The source code of this javascript tab_tar is given below. Download it for free.

Tasks and conclusion:

If you want to implement these tab bars and learn something new. Then I recommend you create a landing page and then implement these tab bars inside your landing page.

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